Manufacturing and exporting the highest quality New Zealand wood products for the most competitive prices.

Renewable New Zealand Timber

New Zealand pine timber is an exceptional multi-purpose building material. With modern treatment and grading technology, our pine can be used in almost all traditional timber applications. New Zealand pine is graded according to end use, and each board is specifically selected by either its aesthetic or structural qualities. This ensures that the timber is perfectly suited for each use, whether it be appearance grades such as decking, or structural grades such as framing.

Project Based

Fluid Wood Products specialise in large projects. Unlike other bulk material suppliers, we understand how projects work and can work with clients to ensure no delays or costly downtime. We have an extremely flexible manufacturing model, which allows us to produce large quantities quickly and cheaply, as well as cover the customised production. With a team of in house engineers, drafting technicians and project managers, we are able to support the project from conceptual drawings through to a completed project.