New Zealand pine offers a number of advantages over both competing softwoods and also hard wood options.

Although most people choose pine timber because of its competitive pricing, our timber has other favourable qualities that make it the best choice.

New Zealand Radiata pine is an extremely versatile wood and can be processed differently to achieve great performance in many areas of construction. The information below is intended as a rough guide and is not a definitive manual for specification. If you have any queries on which timber to use for your project, please contact a member of the Fluid Wood Products team for more information.


New Zealand pine is receptive to a range of envelope and penetrative treatment options. This means that we can chemically protect the timber for its intended use. Unlike hardwoods which usually cannot accept a penetrative treatment, Radiata Pine can be protected to last up to 50 years depending on use and maintenance.

Length Availability

Our pine is available in long lengths, typically up to 7.2m in standard sawn length sizes, and up to 20m for poles.


We are confident in the durability of our products, and offer a limited guarantee (product specific) on both indoor and outdoor treated Fluid Pine.


All of our pine is renewable – meaning that all trees are managed in an environmentally sustainable fashion.


All of our pine products are manufactured according to the strict New Zealand standards and quality control.

Our Wood

New Zealand Radiata pine is an extremely versatile wood and can be processed differently to achieve great performance in many areas of construction.

Pine Timber

Timber grading

Our pine is available in visual grades that are carefully selected by trained graders. This ensures consistency across every packet and ensures that each board meets or exceeds the grade expectations. Our SG (machine stress graded) timber is either sonically or mechanically graded, piece by piece which ensures each board is structurally suited to the end use.

Timber Treatments

Our pine is available in a range of treatments – from clear LOSP treatments for indoor use, through to our own H6+ Marine treatment, over treated for even the harshest ocean environments.


Most of our sawn timber is sold in a planed finish, but we are also able to machine custom profiles (such as grip tread decking) and even CNC finish our timber. Our mouldings range are available in all the standard profiles, but we are also happy to commission custom knives for one of profiles.