To ensure that your Fluid Wood project goes the distance and looks great for as long as possible, we offer a full range of protective wood and steel product treatments especially suitable for tropical climates.


Technodeck is our tried and tested deck stabilization formula that ensures your deck “goes the distance” and lasts.

Designed to help stabilize the natural movement of timber, Technodeck reduces checking and splitting as the deck seasons off naturally.  Available standard as a clear topically applied coating, Technodeck is also available in customized stained options.

Rot Stop

Rot Stop is an end cut sealer, essential for ensuring your treated pine timber has a full envelope treatment at the time of install. Recommended for all of our treated structural timber products where the timber is drilled, cut, machined or worked. Rot Stop is a topical preservative and is easily applied during construction to ensure no breaches in the chemical treatment.


We offer a range of waterproofing products for various uses on your product. From roof  proofing to shower lining and everything in between.

Epoxy Coatings

To help lengthen the service life of galvanized and other steel products in the marine or near-marine environment , we offer a 2 pot carbomastic  epoxy coating, that acts as a barrier against corrosion.