NZPOLES Proof Tester

Fluid Wood Products are one of the few suppliers that can offer verified stress testing on timber poles.

Each pole is individually tested for stiffness, similar to how machine stress graded timber is verified in an “E grader” process. Each pole is loaded into a purpose built proof tester, that can handle up to 20m. Once the pole is loaded, hydraulic rams press and deflect the pole to preset distances and measure the deflection at different points along the pole. The results of the test can be then printed on an aluminium tag that is attached to the pole before it is dispatched. This allows engineers and designers to rely on the strength and stiffness of the poles.

  • CCA H5
  • H6
  • H6+
  • ACQ H5
  • High density
  • standard density
  • Quality assured deflection stress tested poles
  • Low additional cost
  • Long life aluminium tag option
  • Fast turn around
  • Largest machine stress tester in the southern hemisphere – machine stress tested poles to 20m
  • 50 Year treatment guarantee
  • Large stock pile of treated poles, most sizes available same day