Structural timber

Visually graded framing timber differs from our machine graded timber in that it is not only graded for its structural performance, but a visual override is applied during the manufacturing process to ensure that a higher visual standard of timber is supplied.

This ensures a more attractive timber for exposed use or anywhere that a structural timber is required, but is exposed to view. We are also careful to ensure a high standard of finish and no paint marks on the face of the timber. This is our most versatile pine and can be used for just about anything as it is aesthetically attractive as well as structurally sound. Great for Beams and rafters, also suitable for staining or painting. Usuually supplied in a kiln dried finish, also available treated wet for outdoor use.  All of our timber is available both planed (smooth finish) and rough sawn.

  • CCA

  • ACQ

  • H1.2

  • H3.1

  • H3.2

  • H4

  • H5

  • H6

  • H6+

  • Machine gauge

  • Rough sawn

  • Rougher

  • Header

  • High performance exposed framing
  • Beams
  • Joists
  • Beams
  • Rafters
Frame 1
  • Standard framing and building
  • roof trusses
  • decking structures
Frame 2
  • Termporary structures
  • Lower performance framing and trusses
  • Non structural applications
  • Ceiling frames